The adventure of trekking does not only quench your thirst for adventure, but it also brings a lot of health and psychological benefits. The outdoor activity has a number of benefits for individuals and adventure lovers. Whether it is about controlling obesity or preventing heart diseases, trekking is beneficial in countless ways. According to researches, trekking is a useful activity to shed excess pounds and improve the overall health of an individual

Though trekking does not require much expertise and training, you do not prepare yourself for the trip so as to extract the maximum from this outdoor adventure activity. Trekkers need to be equipped with a pair of sturdy hiking boots and a good backpack

Some of the most important essentials to carry include a first-aid kit, iodine tablets, sterilized water (for drinking, cooking and washing), UV-proof glasses, wide brimmed hat, sunscreen etc. One of the most important thing to remember is that you should carry plenty of drinking water so that you keep yourself well hydrated during the trip.

Trekkers are required to keep a few things in mind. First of all you should be ready to uphold the principles of responsible travel, making no harm to the environment. It is advisable to know the trekking route and the weather conditions in advance, so that you can easily avoid any kind of hassle during the trip. Respect the local culture, customs and traditions. Undertake the trip along with a local guide.

While enjoying your white water rafting in Rishikesh, it is imperative to heed safety guidelines. You will not only have a safe trip but will also double the joy of your adventure trip.

   Do not try to go on a rafting trip alone. Always hire a guide or an instructor. Under supervised guidance. Do not try to avoid guides even if you are taking on rafting stretches of basic or moderate level.

   Good physical health is required to become eligible for going on a rafting trip. It is advisable to do some upper body trip so you can handle paddles even in strong river rapids. If you think you are not physically fit, you should not try rafting. Never consume alcohol before starting on a river rafting trip or expedition. By drinking alcohol before rafting, you will not only put your life at risk but of the entire group going on the trip with you.

   Always select a lifejacket you feel quite comfortable in. Do not act in haste while selecting the lifejacket

   Never try to go rafting in the dark. Make sure you have plenty of time to get back to the starting point or the camp site before darkness falls.

   If you are rafting during summer heat, you may suffer from dehydration. Therefore, carry your own water to keep yourself hydrated. Do not drink water from the river.

   To save yourself from insect bites during the trip, do remember to use mosquito repellants and lotions and sprays which repel insects. Avoid using perfume or sweet smelling fragrances before you start on a river rafting trip, as this might attract insects.

   In case your body temperature lowers down too quickly, it may lead to hypothermia. The medical condition occurs when the body of an individual is suddenly exposed to extreme cold. Shivering and paleness are the initial symptoms of this medical condition.

Rafting Checklist
During Summers
   Bathing Suit or Shorts
   T-shirt or Sandos
   Sunblock and Sun Burn Lotion
   Antiseptic Cream
   Sunglasses (Optional)
   Swimming Goggles (Optional)
   Old Sneakers / Neoprene Booties / River Sandals
   Waterproof Camera or Waterproof Bag for Camera and other devices
   Energy Bars / Energy Drinks
   Zip Lock Waterproof Baggies (to keep small things dry)
   Towel and Extra Undergarments
   Plastic Bags (for wet things such as shorts, bath suit, sneakers, undergarments etc)

(In Addition to the list above)
   Wool Sweater
   Neoprene Gloves
   Polypropylene Long underwear

Note :
   Cotton Clothes are good for summers
   Wetsuits and Booties are available on rent in Rishikesh, you can ask your rafting outfitter
   This checklist doesn't mean to imply that you will be able to bring everything on the raft with you
   Incase of any doubt you can call our rafting outfitter at 09711 592 013
   If you are going on an overnight Camping and rafting trip or will include camping as a part of your rafting trip, take a look at the Camping checklist also.