Course Days Cost
Introduction 2 Days Rs. 7,000/-
Basic 4 Days Rs. 13,000/-
Advance 7 Days Rs. 20,000/-
Include : Transport, instructor Kayak, wet suit and all other necessary equipment a bottle of water and juice each day

Many of us may have seen kayaking, either on a river journey, or on the TV - it looks exciting. A big rapid, a colourful kayaker weaving a path through the waves and all the uncertainty of white water. You may have wondered, if you could be that person in the kayak, if you could look as graceful and have that much fun, being so much closer to the water than being on a raft.

Ganges in Rishikesh offers a number of excellent and challenging rapids to set up on a kayaking trip. Adventure sports of kayaking in Rishikesh have gained much attractiveness among travellers from all corners of the globe. These boats are designed with a view to performing on fast moving river waters. The interior structure includes a double blade paddle, which is used to negotiate the rapids and to overcome hurdles along the course of a river. Before you hit the water, a good understanding of the kayaking equipment is very essential.

Kayak does not require you to use a lot of tools. There is minimum gear you need to be equipped with. Basic equipments used include kayak boat, a paddle and a life jacket. Waterproof bags as well are very helpful to stuff your essentials into. Ganges river rapids have been categorized into different grades according to the difficulty level. They have been classified from Grade I to Grade VI. If kayaking has caught your eye and interest, and now you want to learn how to negotiate rapids and how to surf those waves and holes, you are required to keep a couple of things in mind. Since the river rapids have been classified into Grade I to Grade VI, you need to pick a grade that goes totally well with your individual preferences. The most important thing to keep in mind while kayaking is that you have to prevent the kayak from capsizing. It can be hard getting out of the kayak, as compared to getting out of a raft. Be accompanied by a trainer who will guide you properly and will let you have an enjoyable adventure sports tour to Rishikesh.