Duration : 08 Days / 07 Nights

Day O1 :-
Once in Kathgodam we take a seven hour drive to Pithorgarh. Now, this drive comprises some splendid views of The Trishul, Nanda Devi and Panchuli mountain ranges of the Kumaon district of the Himalayas. You can also stopover at some of these quaint villages and have a look at the cultural background of the entire region. We are certain that most often than not you’ll be stopping over to take in a picturesque spot as well as some of the locals into your camera as memories .Once at Pithorgarh we check into a hotel for an overnight stay.

Day O2 :-
There is a confluence of Gori Ganga and the Kali River at a place called Jauljibi. It is a short two and a half hour drive from Pithoragarh and it is here where we begin our rafting expedition. After a comprehensive talk on river safety as well as basic instructions, you are ready to experience the thrill of some grade III rapids. The sights and sounds of the many villages we cross add to the special experience of being on the river. We pitch camp late afternoon, followed by dinner around the campfire.

Day O3 :-
The next day is another one downwards from Kali River. There is a tiny Grade II level in the beginning, which however is just a warm up for a more spectacular White water ‘squeeze’ at Juhalaghat. You can either raft or kayak through this portion of the river. You will also see some stalactite and stalagmite formations at the river bank. It’s a tiring day and we stop over at a camp by river in the afternoon. You are then free to either hike up the surrounding area or simply laze around at the campfire finally hitting the sleeping bags after a fulfilling dinner.

Day O4 :-
For those of you holding a passion or even a passing interest in fishing, this is the day for you. After crossing a few basic grade II and III rapids we reach Pancheshwar, which is another confluence of two rivers- River Kali and River Saryu and is notably a great spot for fishing which you can do at leisure while we camp at this spot.

Day O5 :-
Expect loads of thrills today as we move from Pancheshwar towards Sonali Gaon and encounter grade III rapids as the river picks up volume. The untouched beauty around is breathtaking and has us all wishing for the day not to end. Camp overnight.

Day O6 :-
We run the river from Sonali Gaon to Pari Gaon today which will take us to the biggest rapid River Kali has to offer- The Chuka , a great grade IV + rapid which needs to be scouted well before actually running. You have to avoid getting into the river with the raft over your head! Once this ‘obstacle’ is successfully finished we cross relatively tiny rapids. Finally, an exhausting day ends at a camp across Pari Gaon where once again you can simply relax, share stories and tuck into a delicious hot meal before retiring for the night into your cozy tents.

Day O7 :-
On the last day in the river, we start from Pari Gaon to reach the take out at Boom. There is a distinct shift in the vegetation around as we enter the Terai region and you may find wild elephants sharing the river with you! After lunch load up and drive to Kathgodam to board the night trains out of Kathgodam to Delhi.

Day O8 :-
This is the end of the journey folks; we’re back to Delhi, bright and early.